Expanded Practice

October 18 - December 11, 2016

Expanded Practice invited us to rethink the human and social reach of creative art practices within diverse institutional settings at a time of uncertain cultural change. This exhibition featured the work of faculty members from Penn State’s School of Visual Arts who continue to expand the visual tradition of creative exploration in a multiplicity of ways. Pushing the limits of material thinking, adapting and devising newer technologies of making, exploiting time and motion, improvising collaborative situations, inhabiting public places, and participating in emerging communities of inquiry were some of the approaches evident in the work on view in the exhibition and in additional locations around campus.


On view was work by Brian Alfred, Michael Collins, Shannon Goff, Andrew Hieronymi, Aaron Knochel, Eduardo Navas, Matthew J. Olson, Eric Roman, Rudy Shepherd, Stephanie Snider, and Ann Tarantino.


Organized by the Palmer Museum of Art.